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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

Originally Posted by Syscrush View Post
I'm not a fabricator, but I'd start by getting the swinger and wheel mocked up in place so you can start taking some measurements. See how far out-of-center the wheel is, and then look at stuff like the wheel spacers and the swingarm pivot to figure out where you'll be best able to remove some material on one side, and add more on the other to get your wheel lined up. If you're lucky, you might only need to modify wheel spacers.
a very good plan. i will try and get working on it as soon as i have some room in the garage.

i got some measurements and pictures last night.

the swingarm has been modified already, but it looks like just one side...

width of the 900rr swinger: roughly 9.625"

Stock swinger: roughly 9.125"

another guy put this swinger in his F2 and said he, "took 3/8 inch off each side" so since the one side has been tweaked already, i will have to adjust. 9.625-6.125=0.5 0.5-0.375=0.125 so i will take 0.125" off on the tweaked side and the full .375" on the untouched side.

looking at the inside of the frame there may be room to shave if necessary, then make spacers to center the wheel if needed. some bronze spacers perhaps?

stock linkage should be transferable.

so now i just need to get things in the garage figured out, so that i can actually work on this.

Oh, and i just got access to a vaccum pump, so i am going to be re-making the sidecovers, and then making the final tail.
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