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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

I did finish the valve job, and have some pictures.

these are the surfaces that the valves seal against, and what will be lapped mostly.

So you use some coarse lapping compound and apply it to the valve like so:

and, being very careful to not get any compound on the valve step, install the valve in the head. I used a peice of rubber hose to rotate the valve while pulling it against the face.

this is a valve that had been lapped.

installing them back in...

all cleaned up and put back together. i cleaned out the ports as well.. just wasnt able to get a good picture.

and then a few other random things...

I got a new power source

started a radiator overflow reservoir out of a past bike... I snapped this off on a gaurdrail. sheared clean at the lower triple, and it has been floating around. it means i dont have to cut threads for a cap.

I also got the tail trimmed and fitted. unfortunately the placement of the tail-light changed a little bit, so i have to figure out how to re-weld the bracket inside while completely blind.

I cant decide, i can make the tail-light flush; like this:

or, i can make it protrude slightly. it kinda breaks up the flow a little bit, but also looks cool. sorry, no picture i will update with pictures tonight.

thanks so much for looking and helping!
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