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Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build

here is a profile shot during the day... okay two shots

now... that is not actually correct, as the top peice for the tail is wrong. So it will be similar.. but not the same.

small update here...

Got a good bit of work done, but it doesn't look like it. spent the evening yesterday welding the tail section up, grinding and sanding, as well as putting in some reinforcements. (then i didn't take a good picture of the cleaned up tail..

Anyway.. then i tried to fit in the top section, but to no avail. the kicker is, i want the top to be removable, so i can access the electronics and battery i plan to stash in there, and i want it to be carbon fiber. so i screwed around with that.. and ended up discarding the first attempt. FAIL

Anyway... i cut out a new cardboard part and will cut it out today. then i got on my hands and knees and started working on the side panels, which also have to be removable so i can get my seat off, and run the wire harness. yay. anyway... here is what i came up with:

now.. those parts will be transferred to steel stock:

i will shear those out, grind then bend and fit. once i have them tacked in place, i will figure out how to bolt them on. once that is accomplished i will remove them, clean them up and set them aside as they will be replicated in carbon fiber eventually.

and then i got off my hands and knees... ate a home-made cookie (who said there wern't benefits to working and mom's house?) and went home.

more friday!
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