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Re: Suave's GSXR Swap Pictoral Guide.

Those appear to be 600 forks I think? Haven't seen any gold 750 ones, they are usually black on the 750?

You will also need shims between those fork legs & lower triple clamp - the SRAD is for 54mm legs, those Showa 06+ forks are 53mm. So you will need some 0.5mm (~20thou) shim material to make a sleeve.

It will indeed need the 3.5mm rotor shims (2.5mm for a TL/busa wheel) and the wheel will also need to be offset by 3.5mm on the axle. Stock spacer on right side of axle is 12.25mm - should be 14.75mm to recenter wheel.
So can make a new one-piece spacer or add 3.5mm shim stack between right spacer & right fork leg.

An 08 Hyabusa axle will account for the extra width required (forkspacing will be 7mm wider using those SRAD triples)

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