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Re: Suave's GSXR Swap Pictoral Guide.

First you gotta go and get yourself a 99-02 SV650 and get it into your workspace..

Since my garage door doesnt shut and it is currently 1 degree here in WI mine just happens to double as my living room.

Now before I go on I strongly suggest you invest in some baggies and a permanent marker so that you can label things as you take them apart.

The parts list is as follows...

2006/07 GSXR 750 front forks.
2006 GSXR wheel and calipers.
1997 SRAD 750 upper/lower triples.
TWF top bearing kit.
lots and lots of fasteners...

So start by getting the bike up with a rear jackstand and secured in the front with a regular jack but don't jack it up yet. You'll need to do a lot of torquing on some nuts, especially the ones for the handlebars and the bike isnt very stable once it's been lifted.

So start by undoing the headlight bolts, 2 on each side and a third on the bottom.
For some reason i dont have a pic of this, but its pretty self explanatory.

Then undo the controls, the left has 2 and the right has 3 screws.

There are also 2 screws to remove the left mirror along with the master cylinder. They come out with an 8mm socket. The right one will have to be slid off after the grip is removed.

Ok so now its time to get the handlebars off...

The 4 chrome things on top of the risers can be removed using a razor blade but be careful not to scratch them.

This bolt really need a lot of leverage to get it off so its a good idea to like slide a pipe on the end of the wrench. This is the bolt that holds the lower part of the riser in place.

After you get that off the triple should look something like this...

The next thing is to remove the gauges which you can also see in the above pic. All it takes is some more finesse..It has 2 bolts that are located ahead of the 2 that keep the risers on.

Lookin good...So now you gotta take off the top nut. Be careful not to lose the washer that is under it. Also, you will need an allen wrench to remove the upper pinch bolts.
After that it slides right off.

Makes you wonder why people on ebay always say "damage from where triples clamp". If I can do this without damaging it, anyone should be able to.

And the bottom of the triple clamp. In this pic the upper holes are for the speedo and the lower ones are for the risers.

Ok now you can jack the bike up. I would suggest only getting it off the ground far enough so that the tire can clear the ground. It's also a good idea to put jackstands under the pegs for added stability.
The wheel comes off relatively easy. Just unscrew the axle and it comes out as a whole. Watch for the speedo sensor on the left side, it's crammed in between the fork and the wheel on the left side. Also, you will have to remove at least one of the calipers for clearance.

So this is kinda what it will look like:
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