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Re: Clutch questions

Originally Posted by Kyalami View Post
One more question: assuming you have the bike on a rear stand, is the rear wheel spinning with any force (as in can you hold it still with your hand or no) when you pull the clutch in?
Interesting, my clutch doesn't start to release on its own though. The rear wheel doesn't even spin in neutral on the stand with the basket from gen1 so I found some dragging is due to gen2 basket or frictions, but ive tried sanding the basket where needed which helped but it looks good now. The used frictions I tried dragged worse.

Tried a conventional motorcycle oil, it caused more drag than rotella synthetic. Clunking into 1st and harder to disengage, while rotella was butter, but when warm I suspect the rotella was making the clutch pull harder, ill have to test this again to make sure it wasn't my hand.
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