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Re: Clutch questions

Originally Posted by RecoilRob View Post
There should be a roller bearing in the clutch hat that should spin rather than spinning the pushrod. Perhaps it's seized? If the pushrod is spinning it's going to be wearing both ends which WILL play hell with the adjustment.
Ive swapped the bearing a couple times but didn't check if the rod was turning. No change in clutch effort or engagement from that.

One of the 6 times I had it back together but before starting, the clutch effort was very light but felt like the pressure plate/springs moving and not just the return spring. Less than 1/2 the effort. With clutch screw touching the rod, I can only pull the lever 8 times before my 2 fingers had enough. 1/4 out makes it tolerable but far from other bikes ive ridden.

Ive swapped everything riding on the output shaft pretty much individually, also the hat. There was 1-2mm earlier disengagement at lever from the gen1 basket and frictions. Pull effort wasn't effected. Both pushrods are the same length as my gen1 sv.

My other sv disengages earlier, so it doesn't seem like im simply asking too much of the system to work with 2 fingers. The pull effort idk about because after clipon conversion the cable routing is horrible, have a twf cable to install.
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