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Clutch questions

Still having issues with my clutch dragging too early in the lever travel and wanted some info to diagnose it. Since the original thread ive replaced every part of the clutch from what rides on the main shaft up to the lever.

How early in the lever travel should it be possible to set the engagement? I can only just disengage the clutch enough with the clutch screw preloading the rod, which makes the clutch pull way too hard.

Is it normal for the point where the adjustment mechanism touches the rod to change between startups? For instance if I follow clutch mantra and start the bike, sometimes the adjustment screw is no longer 1/4 turn from touching the rod. Especially the first few times I adjust it after disassembling the clutch. Something is causing the rod position to vary which plays havoc with the clutch adjustment sometimes.

Noticed today that the clutch pushrod spins when the clutch lever is pulled in, is this normal?

I often hear gears grinding going from neutral to first even when up to temp, since replacing the clutch stack (second stack ive tried) there's also a crunch coming from the left side, along with the normal clunk/lurch. The grinding indicates clutch drag, but what could be causing a crunching noise?

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