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Do I want an SV650?

If you just want a track bike then a GSXR 600 would be much closer to the requirement than any of the SV650s. The standard GSXR has far better suspension both ends, better brakes, a much higher power output and a full fairing, it could be used as a track bike as a stock bike (although one might want to remove unnecessary stuff like lights for safety and to save some weight). The SV650 is a good road bike, but built down to a low cost and so would need considerable modification to make it very suitable for the track. One would almost certainly end up changing the front end for GSXR, the rear shock absorber for something better, improving the brakes considerably and fitting a proper fairing and seat. That would still leave one with 30HP less than a GSXR600, and it would take some considerable work to get the SV up to 100ish HP.

All that doesnít mean you could not make a perfectly good track bike out of a SV650 (many people have done so and there is even a race series for that bike here in the UK), it is just that you would have to spend some time and money to make it as good as the GSXR600ís starting point. You could of course run a more or less standard SV650 as a track bike (less unnecessary stuff) if you just wanted to try it out, but you might find the suspension, brakes and only 75HP frustrating.

I suppose this comes down to time and money. Pointy SVs can be picked up very cheaply. Here in the UK the bottom fell out of the 600cc sports bike market a few years ago when the government changed the licensing laws (so one might as well get a larger bike as the full licence is now the same) so GSXR600s can also be picked up very cheaply, and so as a consequence are probably cheaper to convert effective track bikes.

To conclude: unless you particularly want a SV650 (perhaps to compete in a model specific or twin cylinder class) then a GSXR600 (or similar other 600cc super sports) would make a far better track bike and require a lot less modification. Get a SV650 anyway as a cheap and cheerful road bike and enjoy it like the rest of us.

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