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Strange fuel leak

After being out of town for a week, I started the bike and went inside to get ready. When I came back out there was a puddle of fuel under the bike and it was pooled on the lower fairing and all over the left side of the engine. I shut it off and let it sit outside while I was at the gym. When I got back to the bike, I pulled the fairings and found the crankcase breather hose had come off from the airbox. Judging from where the fuel sprayed, it looks like that's where it was coming from. I hooked it back up and started it up. No leak. I opened the airbox and looked to see if any fuel was getting in there. The filter sponge disintegrated as I tried to pull it out, but there wasn't any gas in the box. I checked the oil window and it doesn't look like any fuel got into the crankcase. I'm pretty confused about what happened. The bike was running fine before I went out of town and it feels totally normal now. After a couple of rides there is a little bit of a hot plastic smell, but no leaks or problems and everything looks fine. Clearly I'm missing something, but I don't know what.
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