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Re: My 50mph electric bike

Originally Posted by Born again Biker View Post
What is the range on that battery? At 50 (49.5) mph isn't it legally a moped and need lights, and approval, and stuff? Is it as much stupid fun as it looks? When do you do the dirt(trail) bike version?

And where's the engine noise? (Non on the videos. )
Range depends on speed, under hard riding about 10-20 mile range. Taking it easy 30-35mph with cruise control brings it up to 30 miles. Wind resistance kills battery power, and over 20mph wind drag is substantial. On the bike trails with my financee we go 20mph with pedalling easily close to 75 mile range.

Well technically it is a moped but I can pedal with the motor off, it rides and looks like a bicycle.

Yes, its stupid fun as it looks, my SV650s just sits in the garage all week. My electric bike is my daily commuter, its fun to pass cars and motorcycles on a electric bicycle.

The slick tires I have on are ok for light trails. I'm going to build a dedicated off-roader in the future.

Heres my fiancee's 38mph geared electric bike, sounds nice.

Out accelerating cars gives me a grin everytime.

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