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Re: Norway attacks: at least 92 killed in Oslo and Ut°ya island

Originally Posted by drinkbrew View Post
I don't give a sh!t what his manifesto says or how highly educated, well spoken or financed he was. If you take a bunch of guns and mow down a bunch of innocent people and blow up a bunch of other innocent people.....your fawking crazy. I don't care if those people have different political views then the a$$hole that killed them all, they didn't deserve to die. If you think that him killing a bunch of people is OK then you are just an idiot. What if it were your family or your friends that got killed to prove some guys agenda.

What this guy did is no different then any other act of terrorism, it doesn't matter what his point in his manifesto was...he killed people for the wrong reason.
I've reread RD350's post several times now and I don't see any hint that he condoned the killing of those people.

You missed the point of his post entirely. He was simply stating that this guy had an agenda, but no one seems to be asking how killing those people at the youth camp furthers that agenda

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