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2001 SV650s 49k Miles

Hey Everyone!

I figured I should start a build thread since there's more work to be done, and already plenty thats been done. I got this 2001 Sv650s(K1) for 2100$ out the door, a little over priced I think, since there were some glaring issues after close inspection lol.

On the way back from the shop I bought it at:

She's parked in the garage:

My roommate notices a leak, I just freaking got it home!!!:

Not to mention the radiator bracket was broken:

Couldn't resist going on a ride the next day, got a nail in a brand new tire lmao:

Plugged it up when I got home.

I got a like new radiator from a G2 model off ebay for 60$, got it installed under warranty by the shop.

Got new tank pads for my bday, woot woot!:

With the leak sorted out, I really wanted to upgrade the dinky headlights after a night ride from my moms house. Got the SpeedMetal LED kit from cycle gear, Here are the images:

Realized I didn't need to unscrew anything afterall.

Started to get a feel for the bike and noticed the brakes should be a little more snappy. So I took off the pads and found this abomination:

Removed the foam that tends to obstruct the intake:

Added the R6 throttle tube!:

The dirty old one

New Throttle cables and Clutch cable, and worm gear. Forgot to take pics of those lol
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