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Re: Which Rear Shock?

Happy to help - I thought replacing the shock was going to be a major PITA but planning it out - and having the right sized bolts!!! - was critical.

There are some really nice, low mileage ZX15R shocks out there and depending on your weight they could be a great out of the box option, plus they have rebound and compression damping which is good to have. A Penske? No but totally affordable and an easy drop in.

I found the pit stand/floor jack gave me the amount of control I needed to get the bolts out of - and more importantly, back into - the shock and dog bone holes which made it a one person operation. Just raise/lower the floor jack and things will line up perfectly.

I have a second ZX14R shock (never used!) that I have in reserve, will swap it out in a heartbeat if I need to do it again!
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