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Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:48 AM

Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
Hey yall,
i know it isnt an SV... but i hope you will forgive me.
discussion should go here:
Please tell me what you think

This thread is copied from another forum till i reach it's current condition, then i will be updating it.

As soon as i "finished" fixing my SV i was really hankering to work on something new, and do a bit more real customizing, so i picked this bike up for $660.

I am starting with a 93 cbr600 f2 in kind of pitiful condition. I had a bunch of stock parts to sell so that put some money into my pocket that came right back out to get new parts

Picked it up from another forum member for $660. here is what it looked like when i got it:

Here I have labeled and removed the wire harness:
Removed all the hardware:
Bought some new parts:
and gotten the bike ready to pull the carbs. and drop the engine:

i have a GSXR 750 seat in the mail now, as well as an integrated tail-light. going for something like this (minus the bellypan):
steel and carbon fiber subframe and bodywork. hopefully i have hide some of the wiring (and a smaller battery) in there

more to come

Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:49 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
hey everybody!

got to my parents house at noon, and pulled the engine out:

so now i have a roller:

Then when i put the engine on the bench a bunch of coolant AND OIL came out of the water pump. i am hoping that is a gasket problem, but am afraid there might be some damage inside the engine

so then... i cut all this stuff off the frame.

Started on the subframe:

I have templates for the bottom section of the subframe, and will then start on the tail, but currently it looks like this:

well.. i am going to get to work on it again on monday, and should get the tail mocked up.

Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:49 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
another update here...
so on memorial day i got over to my parents house after sending the wife off to work... People still eat on holidays... :nuts:
anyway... i got to work on the lower subframe.

I used some thin steel angle i picked up out of a dumpster somewhere to make the parts, and welded them together like this:

so i wont bore you with the pictures, but i welded those up, there were four of them, and the cutting grinding welding (and subsequent re-welding) took almost all day. However, i didnt know the angle was cadmium coated.. which is great for corrosion resistance, but not so great for welding...

anyway... when i was done, had to sets of these:

they were a pain in the butt to keep symmetrical and the angles right, but i finally got them where i wanted them, and welded them up:

cleaned up the weld and the parts with a scotch-brite belt on my grinder:

then they were ready for mounting, here one is on..

My wife gives me a hard time for "grinding" on my motorcycle.. when she found out that i was mounting its rear-end....:rock:

here they are both mostly welded up, semi symmetrical :oops: and ready for the tail. what do you think?

and a side view with the seat on:

Now, after i put the tail on, i am going to use carbon fiber honeycomb for the undertail, and i want to leave some room to hide the wiring, so i am planning that out now.


Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:50 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
hey guys!
small update here; got some parts... expensive parts. i sold all mu stuff for these
Omnia Racing headlight $200
Koso digital gauge $175

Also, i started investigating the innards of the engine. I took off the Oil cooler cover (i think that is what it is) and found this:

After getting the very corroded bolts out, i got the oil cooler off.

is that much corrosion normal? what is supposed to go where? i was expecting to find oil inside of the cooler. help would be appreciated

and also.. as an aside.. here is what i am working on at work. i have to make 64 of these steel parts where the largest dimension is the diameter at 0.092 inches. the drill is for the hole going horizontally through the part... and it is only 0.075 inches long! the drill is just under 0.020 inches in dia. how many of those do you think i will break?

Rock on yall!

Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:51 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
Well.... i did some work!
I decided rather than going with a heavier gauge steel, i would build a tubular frame from teh tail and use 22 gauge steel (plus it is cheaper!) so.. i cut it to rough shape on the shear at work.
Here is a picture of just sheared, and finished product

I shaped one piece (per side) till i was happy with it, then i used it as a template for the other piece to get the right shape and speed up the grinding:

Lots and LOTS of checking with tape before welding:

I started with one side till i was happy with it, then copied the sheet metal for the opposite side. keeping it symmetrical was a constant battle:

once i was happy with it, i welded some support in there, and then tack welded it in:

Sorry there are no daylight pictures.. i will get those today.
My taillight fits in there nicely though:

The Koso too:

By then it was about 9:30pm.. too late to be doing noisy stuff, so i took off the water pump... ew! check out the oil/coolant mixture that leaked out on the table:
Ordered a much better condition pump today off ebay.

then.. at 10pm my parents "kicked me out" alas.
Another update later tonight...
thanks for looking!

Knifemaker87 06-11-2010 09:59 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
here is a profile shot during the day... okay two shots

now... that is not actually correct, as the top peice for the tail is wrong. So it will be similar.. but not the same.

small update here...

Got a good bit of work done, but it doesn't look like it. spent the evening yesterday welding the tail section up, grinding and sanding, as well as putting in some reinforcements. (then i didn't take a good picture of the cleaned up tail.. :confused:

Anyway.. then i tried to fit in the top section, but to no avail. the kicker is, i want the top to be removable, so i can access the electronics and battery i plan to stash in there, and i want it to be carbon fiber. so i screwed around with that.. and ended up discarding the first attempt. FAIL

Anyway... i cut out a new cardboard part and will cut it out today. then i got on my hands and knees and started working on the side panels, which also have to be removable so i can get my seat off, and run the wire harness. yay. anyway... here is what i came up with:

now.. those parts will be transferred to steel stock:

i will shear those out, grind then bend and fit. once i have them tacked in place, i will figure out how to bolt them on. once that is accomplished i will remove them, clean them up and set them aside as they will be replicated in carbon fiber eventually.

and then i got off my hands and knees... ate a home-made cookie (who said there wern't benefits to working and mom's house?) and went home.

more friday!

Knifemaker87 06-14-2010 11:28 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
I do have an update... small in size as i had a small hiccup... when i made the templates for the side-covers and the tail, i didnt have the seat in the proper position, so my templates were off. so the first order of business was the secure the seat.

Then, before i could work on the tail cap, i needed to finalize the "front" part of the tail, so, i did got that welded up: (and you can see part of the seat securing)

Now, i am having trouble fitting the cap as it has to both be removable, symmetrical and leave enough room to fit the tail-light.. this is the idea.. but just not good enough. i will weld in the tail-light first, then fit the tail.

then i started work on the side covers:

the problem is... these have to be removable too, and secure.

I also got the Jardine can in the mail. got this Titanium can for $40 on ebay... gonna try and mount it under the engine by shortening the can and the header.

anyway, i should have another update after working tonight
i want to get the side covers and tail on.

thanks for looking!

Knifemaker87 06-15-2010 07:42 PM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
i did get some work done yesterday. i got the tail section close to finished, and the tail-ight mounted. there will be some bondo work to make everything smooth, but i am reticent to start that till ALL the welding is complete.

preliminary fitting:

Cut to size:

back welded on and tail-light in

Side-panel work in progress

Once i get those fit, i still have to fill this hole:

hopefully i will get those at least tack welded together today and mounting tabs put on.

Knifemaker87 06-16-2010 09:21 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
well, didnt have much time to work, but i did get the side covers at least put together.

All the fitting was done, so all i had to do was tack weld them, pull them off and finish welding the seam, then cover up my bad welding by grinding everything flat:

here is a rough fit.. after grinding... still needs alot of fine tuning:


put some primer on there to keep it from rusting till i can fine tune them up:

wanna see some ugly welding? bondo coming soon!

i am still trying to figure out how i am going to secure both the side-panels and the tail... ideas would be helpful.

Knifemaker87 06-18-2010 09:56 AM

Re: Clean and Simple CBR600 Build
small progress report here...

i figured out how to mount the side panels and probably the tail as well.

I picked up some of these from the hardware store. stainless steel bolts!

so i drilled a hole though both the panel and the frame, widened the hole for the insert, and ground a recess so after welding it would be flush:

and after it was welded and ground (kept a sacrificial screw in it to keep crap out of the threads)

the other mounting point was easier, as it was just a tab welded to the frame with once of those nuts welded on the back. and here you have the mounted panel.

it still needs to be fine tuned before it gets copied in CF, but we are getting closer

I also made a template for the undertail

it will be mounted by a couple tabs as well, and will be the easiest part to make in CF (and most likely the first too)

more to come on Saturday

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