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Nut and Bolt Sizes for Safetywire

Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002
From: Stephen E. Hale

I've been collecting information about bolt sizes since I'm replacing numerous bolts with pre-drilled titanium because I HATE drilling bolts for safetywire. Here's what I've collected so far, I plan to figure out the oil and coolant drain bolts as well fairly soon.

  • Front brake caliper bolts = M10 * 1.25 (thread pitch) * 25mm = Yoyodyne part number 10.25FD (drilled titanium)
  • Rear brake caliper bolts = M8 * 1.25 (thread pitch) * 30mm = Yoyodyne part number 8.30FD (drilled titanium)
  • Front axle pinch bolts = M8 * 1.25 (thread pitch) * 45mm = Yoyodyne part number 8.45FD (drilled titanium)
  • Water drain bolt = M8 * 1.25 * 8mm
  • Oil drain bolt = M12 * 1.25 * 20mm

Hope someone else finds this useful, it sure would have saved me some time.

Stephen E. Hale